What To Expect On The Day Of Your Commercial Shoot

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Are you using a video production company to help create a commercial for your business? If so, you may not know what to expect when the shoot day finally comes. 

Expect To Receive A Production Book

Any extensive shoot is going to have a production book that is provided right before the shoot day when everything is finalized. This book is going to be your guide to everything that is happening, and a copy is given to clients and crew members. You will have a copy of the final script that is to be shot, the timeline of events for shooting locations, everyone's contact numbers, and directions and parking information.

Expect To Stay On Schedule

You will want to ensure that everything that is being captured by the cameras is exactly how you want it. However, it is important that you stay on schedule for the entire shoot day. Everyone working for you is on the clock, and you may be limited with regard to how long you can stay at a location. While you have control over the production and can decide to shoot longer, know that this can cause you to go into overtime if you have a tight shooting schedule. Fees to hold the crew and shooting location can quickly escalate as you get into overtime, in which crew members' hourly rate will be higher. 

Expect To Shoot Out Of Order

Many times a video production shoot is structured in a way that makes sense for camera placement and setting up the scene for elements such as lighting. This is why the shoot may be out of order chronologically compared to how it will be in your video. This is completely normal, and an experienced video production company is going to ensure that they don't miss anything by having every single scene planned out in the schedule. 

Expect A Nice Lunch

One of the nice perks of being on the set of a video production shoot is that there will be a break where the talent and crew stop for lunch. Any large shoot is going to have catering bring in plenty of food for everyone. Your shoot day is a day that you will not be hungry.

Have questions about how the day of your commercial shoot will go? Do not hesitate to ask your commercial video production company any questions that you may have beforehand. 

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