Why You Should Hire Stagehand Staffing From A Third-Party Provider For Your Upcoming Presentation

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Are you a business owner looking to put on a high tech presentation or one with many props in the near future? Maybe you've even booked a local theatre or presentation center to help you really show off at your next product launch or company event? If so, you should know that there's a lot more that goes into a successful presentation besides just the slideshow. If you are putting on a big production, you are likely going to need some help backstage, and that's where a stagehand staffing provider could be of great assistance. Here's why you might want to hire stagehand staffing through a dedicated provider.

Keep Your Own Employees Out of Harm's Way

Sure, you could attempt to keep everything in house for your upcoming show, production or presentation, but how many of your employees actually have experience with handling cabling or lighting? Do you really want to ask your own employees to lift heavy set pieces backstage and risk a workers' compensation claim? By outsourcing the backstage work to professional stagehands, you can keep your own employees focused on other tasks and away from the more dangerous activities that go into setting up or tearing down your stage.

Ensure That You Are Getting Seasoned Professionals for the Job

Most stagehand professionals are contractors or freelancers, and you might be able to find someone advertising their services on a per-project basis. But if you hire a stagehand on your own, without going to an agency or staffing provider, you will have to do all the vetting yourself. 

Work with a third-party provider or staffing agency and you'll simply have greater peace of mind. You'll know that the staffing provider already did a background check and that you will be getting someone who really does have the experience they claim to. You'll be getting a seasoned professional who will be ready to step in and help your presentation get up and running immediately.

Let Someone Else Handle Insurance Concerns

Backstage work can sometimes be dangerous and involve electrical cables or heavy set pieces. When you hire a stagehand that is contracted through a staffing provider, that stagehand will likely have an insurance policy that is handled by the third-party provider. In other words, this will protect you so that if something does go sideways backstage, you won't be the one that ends up taking the financial hit.

Contact a local stagehand staffing provider today for more information.

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