4 Things To Consider When Building Your Home Theater

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Have you decided to build your own home theater and do not want to have any regrets when you're finished? You are going to definitely want to include the following 4 things to have a great overall home theater experience. 

The Remote

Are you tired of trying to find a very specific remote to control a component of your current TV setup? Know that it is possible to replace all of your remotes with a single universal remote if you decide to do so. This is going to become crucial when you build a home theater because you are going to have multiple components that work together, and you'll want to control the sound, the picture, the lighting, and even the motorized shades. A universal remote control makes the space tidy and simplified when it comes to the number of remotes you have out.

The Screen

You are definitely going to want a screen that makes you feel immersed in the TV show or movie that you are watching. However, there is often a compromise between quality, price, and size that you need to decide on. If you have a fairly small home theater, consider going with an OLED TV. These screens are expensive, but the picture quality is phenomenal thanks to each individual pixel having its own light source that can be turned on and off.

Looking to have a massive screen in your home theater? You may be better off turning to a projector that can fill up an entire wall. The picture quality will not be anywhere near the OLED TV screen, but it will make up for it with the bigger size at an affordable price. 

The Seats

Having a nice home theater will not matter much if there is not a comfortable place to sit. However, the type of seating that you have will depend on who is using your home theater. For example, you may decide to have individual recliners if you do a lot of solo viewing. If you are viewing as a family, you may want a larger couch with portions that recline. If you are making a home theater that is deep, consider raising up the seats in the back so that people sitting in them can see over the seats in the front. 

The Surge Protection

It doesn't make sense to have all of these expensive components without protecting them. Make sure to use surge protectors so that everything is protected if the power were to suddenly to out or if you have a power surge. Not only will you gain additional outlets that you need, but taking this action will also give you peace of mind that your devices are protected. 

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