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It's All About the Visuals (And the Audio) When you go to the theater, so much of your experience is determined by the quality of the audio and of the visuals. But have you ever thought of how much work goes into ensuring both of these elements are top-notch? Not only does the theater need to choose the right equipment, but they need to set the speakers in the right places, balance the sound correctly, and choose the right acoustic materials for the walls. If you find this topic fascinating, you have come to the right place. We are also passionate about audio visual work, which is why we're sharing numerous articles on the topic here.

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Why You Should Hire Stagehand Staffing From A Third-Party Provider For Your Upcoming Presentation

Are you a business owner looking to put on a high tech presentation or one with many props in the near future? Maybe you've even booked a local theatre or presentation ce

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Using Camera Systems To Inspect Septic Tanks

The septic system will be one of the plumbing components that professionals are asked to repair or service the most frequently. Unfortunately, the septic tank can be very

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What To Expect On The Day Of Your Commercial Shoot

Are you using a video production company to help create a commercial for your business? If so, you may not know what to expect when the shoot day finally comes.  Exp

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4 Steps For Creating Your Ideal Home Theater System

Now that deluxe home theater systems are more plentiful and affordable than ever, it's hard to justify putting up with your local cinema's squalling babies, cellphone con